Get easy traffic with Wordpress Video Locker. Lock videos that can be unlocked with a simple facebook share like or any other action.
About WordPress Video Locker

WordPress Video Locker is the only plugin you need to drive high quality social traffic to your website.It can help your site become viral in a matter of hours.
Great content is nothing without the right traffic. WordPress Video Locker can help you get that much needed traffic to you website very qucikly.
It works by inserting locked videos into your wordpress pages or posts. To unlock the videos, people need to perform an action, like sharing on facebook. His friends will se the video and will do the same thing, thus creating a snowball effect that can skyrocket your traffic and social media presence

How it works ?

This plugin enables you to add locked videos to your wordpress posts/pages, and allows the user to see them with a facebook share. This can increase traffic exponentially by up to 50 times. The plugin is very easy to setup and can be ready in a few minutes. Just enter your facebook app id, and start adding share-locked videos to your WordPress content.

Why it works ?

Cool videos can become viral very quickly, but it is hard to get it started. Using this plugin you just need a few shares at start, and then it will pickup momentum very quickly and will drive lots of social traffic to your site. This can increase advertising revenue tenfold.

Advanced Reporting System

With our reporting system, you can see detailed reports on each locked video. You can see how many page views you have, and how many shares each video has.

Mobile Sharing

WpVideoLock also works on mobile browsers. As more and more people browse the internet from handheld devices, this is a very big extra source of traffic.

What Clients Say About Us

This plugin increases my visits with 200%. Some videos became so viral that i need to stop it because my servers goes very slow.

Online entrepreneur

This plugin was very useful for me to advertise my products


I have 7 websites using this plugin and i make alots of money with this. Before I was ready to quit investing time in this websites. Now i make money!!

Money maker

I simply love this plugin.

Ramon Martinez
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