Because this plugin was very useful for many of you receiving thousands of visits per day we collected all problems, new required features and messages and we build something better. This version will have alots of features that will boost your site traffic and more will come.

YouTube Support

Support for embeding YouTube videos. See more on youtube.com

Vimeo Support

Support for embeding Vimeo videos. See more on vimeo.com

DailyMotion Support

Support for embeding DailyMotion videos. See more on dailymotion.com

LiveLeak Support

Support for embeding LiveLeak videos. See more on liveleak.com/

Lock your video and add Facebook share button as overlay. If you want to play you need to share.

Facebook Like Locker

Lock your video and add Facebook like button as overlay. If you want to play you need to like current or other page.

Google +1 Locker

Lock your video and add Google +1 button as overlay. If you want to play you need to like current or other page.

Popup Locker

When you click on a video it opens a url in background or focused. If focused the video wil be paused until come back.

Google Analytics Integration

Track views and events to a google analytics account to check what kind of loking or embedding services works.

Block Percent

Specify percent of blocking videos, for example you can specify to block only 70% of website traffic.

Expire locker

Specify a time to expire locker to not force the user to unlock the video

Override lockers

Override all lockers from your site, this feature is used when you want for example to redirect traffic to ther website, you just override with popup blocker.

Dynamic size

Fixed and responsive video size.

Close button

Add close locker button in right upper position.

Add hidden like button over the close button to cheat the user. This will explode your traffic. This works only with Facebook Share Locker


Activate to override old embeded video with versions 1.X.X.

Force locking

By default once you unlock a video next time plays directly. This feature enables to lock every time.

Smart thumbnail

Autodownload video thumbnail from video service and add automatically open graph tag to see every time when share or like in facebook.

Play icon overlay

This feature add a play icon over the video image. This will make the user to click the facebook post with 40% more.

Custom text and button

Custom text and button for Facebook Share Locker

Language Support

Support for multiple languages

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